BCBSA TEC New Hire Handbook


This handbook is designed to give the reader a brief overview of the Technology Evaluation Center and its staff as well as provide resources on learning systematic review and other technical skills. To move to a different topic use the navigation panel on the right hand side of your browser screen. If you have questions or suggestions for new content please contact Ryan Chopra.

What is the Technology Evaluation Center?

Founded in 1985 by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) pioneered the development of scientific criteria for assessing medical technologies through comprehensive reviews of clinical evidence. TEC operates as part of the Association's Office of Clinical Affairs.

Since its inception, TEC has been recognized for leadership in producing evidence-based technology assessments. Each TEC Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the clinical effectiveness and appropriateness of a given medical procedure, device or drug. Averaging 20 to 25 assessments a year, TEC provides healthcare decision makers with timely, rigorous and credible information on clinical effectiveness. TEC serves a wide range of clients in both the private and public sectors, including Kaiser Permanente and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

TEC Assessments are scientific opinions, provided solely for informational purposes. TEC Assessments should not be construed to suggest that the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program or the TEC Program recommends, advocates, requires, encourages, or discourages any particular treatment, procedure, or service; any particular course of treatment, procedure, or service; or the payment or non-payment of the technology or technologies evaluated.